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Vision Therapy in our Office

A Full Eye Exam is Required For All Patients in our Burlington, ON Eye Doctor's office prior to beginning the Vision Therapy program. 

Vision Therapists in Burlington OntarioFollowing this, a Visual Skills Assessment will be performed to further assess visual skills as well as visual perceptual functioning. Based on the concerns and results of the testing, vision therapy may be recommended. 

Most therapy programs are 20 or 40 weeks in length, depending on the patient’s findings. Each program is customized to the patient’s visual system and concerns. Individual sessions may be prescribed depending on the situation. 

Therapy is done in-office once per week for 45 minutes with Dr. Facey. Approximately 20 minutes of homework activities will need to be done 5x/week. Progress evaluations are conducted at regular intervals to ensure progress is being made. Eyeglasses may or may not be prescribed as part of the therapy/treatment. 

Vision therapy assessments and programs are not covered by OHIP. Some insurance companies do offer coverage for these services. We are happy to provide documentation for you to provide your insurance company to see if you have any extended coverage.

Please contact Dr. Facey at Perspective Vision for costs and more information. (905) 333-3086