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Kayla Paradis,


Kayla is passionate about making a difference in patient’s lives. She works with both children and adults to use their visual systems to their full potential. Whether it is working with a child with a vision-related learning problem, or and adult who has suffered a concussion, Kayla enjoys helping these patients achieve their visual goals.

In 2018, Kayla completed the Practical Vision Therapy Accreditation Program (PVTAP). PVTAP is a program which offers foundational training for optometrists and vision therapists. She has also completed the Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF) curriculum courses in 2020. This series of specialized post-graduate courses taught the theoretical background and clinical practice of behavioural optometry and vision therapy.

Kayla volunteers her time with the PVTAP program as a member of the Marketing Committee. She enjoys continuing to learn and help her patients.

Outside of the office, Kayla enjoys spin classes, hiking and spending time with family and friends.