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Bausch & Lomb Lenses


  • Our office is proud to offer our patients the opportunity to try the brand new monthly replacement lens from Bausch + Lomb.b&l ultra CLs vision therapy in burlington
  • ULTRA® contact lenses are perfect for today’s modern patient who needs to keep up with life online and the digital world. ULTRA® contact lenses provide 16 hours of comfortable vision when using digital devices.
    Book an appointment to see if Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses are a good fit for your lifestyle.

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When you try a new pair of these lenses in office you will be entered to win one of 7 digital devices, and be entered into the grand prize draw for all 7 digital devices including an iPhone, tablet and a TV!

Pure Vision 2HD

  • Pure Vision 2HD contact lenses in oakvilleDesigned to reduce halos and glare and deliver the clear, crisp vision that you should demand.
  • High oxygen transmission for bright, healthy eyes
  • Thin lens design, yet remarkably easy to handle

Outstanding Comfort

The thin lens design of PureVision2 contact lenses provides a remarkably natural feel and supports wearing comfort throughout the day. The moisture-rich packaging solution supports comfort on insertion.

Exceptional Visual Quality

clearest contact lenses in burlington hd optics contact lenses in oakville ontario

Soflens Daily Disposable

SofLens Daily Disposable contacts from dr. tracy brodie

Outstanding all-day Comfort

SofLens daily disposable lenses achieve a high level of comfort through ComfortMoist Technology – our unique lens design and innovative packaging solution. The lens design is exceptionally thin, allowing for a remarkably natural feel on the eye. The slow-release packaging solution creates a cushion of moisture around the lenses – keeping your eyes comfortable all day through the end of the day.

comfortmoist contact lenses from a grimsby optometrist

Crisp, clear vision, especially at night

SofLens is the first daily disposable lens with High Definition Optics – a technology that helps reduce the appearance of blurriness, halos, and glare across a full range of conditions. The result is crisp, clear vision no matter the time or place, and especially in low-light situations. Description: Soflens daily disposable difference

Pure Vision 2HD For Astigmatism

PureVision contact lenses For Astigmatism in hamiltonIncredible Vision

  • Reduces halos and glare so you can enjoy remarkably crisp, clear vision even in low light
  • Breakthrough design made specifically for people with astigmatic eyes

Amazing Stability

  • Delivers uninterrupted vision at all times for majority of patients
  • Reduces blur and haziness that can be associated with sudden movements

Outstanding Comfort

  • Moisture-rich packaging solution designed to provide outstanding comfort upon insertion
  • Remarkably thin lens design which provides a natural feel to support comfort throughout the day

SofLens Toric contact lenses for Astigmatism in hamiltonSoflens Toric for Astigmatism

  • Delivers clear, stable vision
  • Time-tested, deposit resistant material for excellent comfort
  • Provides accurate, stable fit · Visibility tint for easy handling

Pure Vision Multi-Focal

  • The world’s #1 multifocal design for people with presbyopia
  • All-Distance Optics™ allow you to see clearly near, far and in-between
  • Comfort-enhancing AerGel™ material repels debris and stays moist all day
  • Allows natural levels of oxygen for healthy, white eyes
  • Designed to provide 30 days of excellent vision and comfort – easy to remember to replace them once a month

SofLens Multifocal contacts in burlingtonSoflens Multi- Focal

  • #1 multi-focal design for people with presbyopia
  • Time-tested, deposit resistant material for excellent comfort
  • Easy handling and adaptation

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Dr. Tracy Brodie, serving the greater Hamilton, Oakville, Grimsby, and Burlington ON areas, carries CooperVision Contact Lenses too!